How to Find a WordPress Post ID without using Plugin

Find WordPress Post ID

Have you ever feel the need of WordPress Post, Page, and Category ID. There are lot of Themes and Plugins available in the market which ask for the IDs of Post, Pages, and Category. Usually that ID is used to exclude that particular post, page, or category out of your blog archive and sometimes to … Read more

Why Your BLOG is not Getting SEARCH ENGINE Traffic ? (V-0.1)

Blog is not Getting Search Engine Traffic

We all know the importance of Search Engine Traffic when you think about a log run blog. May your blog have 1 to 10000+ subscribers, but without search engine traffic we do not think about a successful blog. Achieving decent search engine traffic is not an easy job, but we never ignore it. Content is … Read more

How to Remove SPAM Backlinks using Google Disavow Tool

Guide to Remove SPAM BACKLINKS using Google Disavow Tool

Have you ever been penalised by Google Algorithmic Update (Google Penguin) or any Manual Penalty in case of Link Spamming?. If NOT so, let me save you before you get penalised by any Algorithmic or Manual hit… If you’ve been doing the SEO of your blog-site for a long time, then the probability of having … Read more

How to MAKE MONEY from Blog – Real Profit Guide

Profit Guide to Make Money from Blog

Making Money from blog is a dream of Every blogger, who is stepping up from Beginning to Professionalism. And of-course most of the bloggers create their blog to make money from it. Even I know some bloggers who make money from their blog, they are making living out of it. Before 12 years when a … Read more