Download Older Version of WordPress Plugins or Themes

Download Old Version of WordPress Plugin, Theme, or Previous WP Release

HowToCracker is back with an another tutorial. Sometimes you may need to rollback to the old version of any plugin. And, the situation can be caused by a WP Plugins, WP Themes, or the core WordPress files. So the tutorial is all about that how you can download the old version of WordPress plugin (theme and WP package).

Well, you might be thinking that how they can cause the problems automatically. But they can, very badly, as bad that your WP Blog won’t load up. In fact, I’m writing this article because of the real circumstance. Actually a couple of months ago something bad happened to one of my partner’s Blog (Support Blog). As the Revive Social WordPress Plugin released their update, within the next 2 days WordPress itself got an update (automatically). So his blog crashed and didn’t load at all. So I decided to get the previous version of the plugin instead of WordPress software. And things worked out good after downloading and rolling back to the old version of WordPress plugin.

Downloading Old Version of WordPress Plugin from WP Repository (WordPress Plugins Directory)

Okay, let’s now suppose that your blog is crashed because of an automatic updated plugin, theme or the whole WordPress CMS software. Now your biggest point of worry would be that how can I get the old version of that stable Plugin, Theme or the complete WP Package.

As I’ve already said that the issue can be caused by anything including the CMS Software. So I’ll tell you everything that how you can download and install the old version of WordPress Plugin, Theme, or the CMS Package. And It’s time to get into the real game.

Here’s a video which can help you do things a bit smarter, so watch and rescue your WP blog/site.

Not done yet, please read continue for the step-by-step guide.

Old Version of WordPress Plugin ❗

Downloading an older version of any plugin is pretty simple. At First, you’ll have to log in your Web Hosting account. Now, what you need to do is open the file manager by going through the Cpanel. Get into the folder where all your WordPress blog-site files are hosted. And once you’re in, then do exactly the way mentioned below.

  • Go to wp-content/plugins/
  • And, delete the complete folder of the plugin you want to install the older version of.

Once the folder is deleted, now open Google and perform the search for the plugin you just deleted.

Revive Social WordPress Plugin - Learn WordPress on HowToCracker
Clicking Image will redirect you to the Official Website of Revive Social WordPress Plugin

Find and go to the official WordPress Plugin repository, and then;

  • Scroll a bit down and Click on Advanced ViewRevive Social WordPress Plugin on (Advanced View) - Learn WordPress on HowToCracker
  • Now reach at the End of the Page
  • Select the Version you want to download and install, Click on Download.Revive Social WordPress Plugin on (Download any Old Version of Plugin) - Learn WordPress on

And once you have got the older version of the plugin now you can Reinstall this through your WordPress dashboard. If you don’t know how to install a WP Plugin, you may check this tutorial.

Let’s learn how you can get the older version of any Free WP Theme.

Download Old Version of WordPress Theme ❗

Downloading an older version of WordPress Theme is a bit tricky but not that hard. To do so, you must know the way that theme is stored there in themes repository (including the naming of theme with the exact version number). Well, how you can get to know that all? search for the theme in Google or WP Themes Repository.

  • Right Click on the Download button and select Copy Link Location.Download Old Version of WordPress Theme - Learn WordPress on HowToCracker
  • Now Scroll a bit down and Click on Browse in Trac.Download Old Version of WordPress Theme - Browse in Trac - Learn WordPress on HowToCracker
  • Look at the version released for that particular theme, check the older version number you want the Theme of.
  • Now paste that copied link in the Address bar, replace the version number in the link and hit the Enter button to start downloading.

Finally, you’ll have an Old Version of WordPress Theme to install and get your up and running blog back.

Check, How to Install WordPress Theme from WP Dashboard or using FTP Client.

Download Old Version of WordPress Release ❗

If you want to have an older version of WordPress then make sure you have the complete backup of your WP Blog-site. Because this process is very tricky and doing things wrong can result in bad. So to avoid data loss first take a complete backup of your blog using Updraft Plus (recommended).

Now you don’t have to worry about your data. So let’s find and download the old version of WordPress, to do so go to the WordPress Release Archive page. There you’ll find the every version of WordPress released till now, so find and download the version you want to install.

And as you already have the complete backup of the site, so you can start the installation of WordPress. If you don’t already know the steps of Installing WordPress manually, you can learn to Install WordPress Manually.

But I’d recommend you to Get the Older Version of WordPrss Plugins or Themes but not the Complete WordPress CMS. As it may affect and harm your BLOG SEO.

In case you still face any issue you may reach me via comment or contact form.

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