How to add Google Custom Search on WordPress Blog or HTML Website

A WordPress Blog must have a Search Engine available to its users. As you know that a Blog contains a lot of articles on different topics. So it could be hard to find something useful to the users, what they’re roving for. And, almost all the WordPress Themes are developing with the Search Engine functionality. But if you want to add a better Search  Engine for better Result and SEO, you can use Google Custom Search Engine for Free.

Today, I’m going to tell you that how can you add Google Custom Search in your WordPress Blog or Website for Free. Free version of Google Custom Search shows ads at the top of the Search Results. And, if your domain is older than 6 months then you can monetize those ads (What will show in Search Results).

Complete Tutorial to add Google Custom Search Engine on WordPress Blog :

I’m going to tell you the Easiest way to install or add Google Custom Search Engine on WordPress Blog-site or any HTML Website. Yaa, you can also add it in any type of HTML Template.

Overview of Steps, we’ll be following in the tutorial:

  • Search for Google Custom Search and Sign in there.
  • We’ll be Entering the URL of Website (for which we’re creating the Google Custom Search).
  • Naming of Search Engine (Anything you want).
  • Receiving and Implementing a Script Code.

Now, we’re moving on to Create a Custom Search Engine.

Web address, for which we’re creating Google Custom Search Engine :

After signing in, you’ll see a screen like shown below (If you’re creating your first Custom Search Engine with this Google Account).

Enter your website URL, you’re creating for. You can add any of the following as shown in the image below and:

  • : It’ll create a Custom Search Engine for your whole Website (Every – Page, Posts, Media, Section. I mean Everything there).
  • : It’ll only create Custom Search for the specific page.
  • : It’ll create a Custom Search for the specific part of the Website. As like your Supports Section and there is many pages on different issues, so it’ll create a search for /docs/all-pages.html.
  • Creating a Custom Search for Entire Domain is similar to creating for Entire Site.

***/ Note :- Don’t forget to replace , or /docs and with your own Website or Blog Address.

Google Custom Search Engine - Blog or Website URL

After entering your Web Address scroll down to Name  and Generate lines of Code of your Custom Search Engine.

Naming and Generation of Google Custom Search Engine :

Okay then you’ll see a screen like shown below. There Name your New Custom Search Engine , you can name it anything you want (your website  or blog name, etc… anything). And click on Create to get your Script Code.

Google Custom Search - Search Engine Naming and Generation of Code

Receive Code of your Google Custom Search Engine :

Clicking Create will drop you on a screen like shown below. We’ve created a New Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE) but where is it’s code to see it in Action on my WP Blog or HTML Website. Okay now we need our Script Code. So, to get your CSE Script Code Click on Blue Button saying Receive Code.

Google Custom Search - Script Code

Clicking Receive Code will give you a piece of Script Code. Copy the Script Code and Paste it there, where you want your Custom Search Engine to be Appear .

Installation of Google Custom Search Engine in WordPress :

Steps to install your Google Custom Search Engine in your WordPress Blog.

  • Go to Left Sidebar Menu>Appearance>Widgets.
  • Select Text Widget and choose the Section (Header, Sidebar, Footer…), where you want the Search Engine to be appear.
  • Enter Title = Search (or any title you wish to be appear there).
  • Paste the Copied Script Code in  Content.

Installation of Google Custom Search Engine in HTML Websites :

Installing anything in HTML Websites is as Simple as Copying and Pasting. So, Paste the copied Script Code in the Div, where you want it to be appear.

I’m going to give a Tutorial Video about that How can you customize your Recently created Google Custom Search Engine (Looks and Feel).

Have a Good Day.