Icegram WordPress Plugin Deserve Appreciation: Support Experience

Icegram WordPress Plugin Deserve Appreciation: Support Experience

Icegram is my 1st choice as a Lead Capturing Plugin for WordPress (an FREE plugin with the availability of Professional & Premium Add-ons) out of all the plugins I’ve tried. And, Support is the main thing Everyone looks at first and so I did too. And, I wasn’t wrong.

In fact, the Support of Team Icegram is Better than Best. And I recommend you to try it out right away.

You know that Live Chat, Phone Support, Tickets Support are the only way to get your issue resolved as soon as possible (sometimes within the next couple of minutes). But in this Article, I’m going to share the Experience of one of the Member of our Team (Narendra) with Team Icegram Support when he asked for the Help by Direct E-mail.

What was the Main Issue in Icegram Plugin?

About a Month ago, we’ve bought 2 Premium Add-ons of Icegram as listed below:

  1. Behavior Triggers & Advanced Retargeting,
  2. and, CTA Actions.

You can also find all the available Add-ons here.

Behavior Triggers is working very well but the Add-on CTA Action was not working fine. And the issue was the Messages (Pop-ups and Action Bar) was not closing themselves after clicking the Call-to-Action Button.

But he knew that the Issue is not that critical or big to resolve by CODE, as he is the Member of our Development Team.

Why, What, and How he did?

To create a better Support Experience for Newbies like you, he (Narendra) committed to asking for Help by direct E-mail instead of initiating a ticket.

What’s the point here in creating a better Customer Support Experience?.

*We’ve sent the link to this Article to Team Icegram also, and this Article will keep updating according to the Support Survey Feedback of Customers of Icegram (Surveys held by TechnoShort). So that way, to gain more customers, they will need to Focus more on Support also with Everything else.

When he informed them about the Issue

He dropped a mail to Icegram Support, asking Help for the solution of CTA Actions Add-On. After 5 or 6 hours one of their support Executive replied, asking more details about the issue.

Here is the screenshot of that reply:

Email from Icegram Support

Narendra replied with all the details they’ve asked him.

After 2 and half hours, another Support Executive replied to thank him for providing the details. And, she told him that we’ve started working on the issue and we’ll inform you about, after checking it on our Local Dev. Environment.

He replied them to Thank for Assisting him (it was a normal mail from Narendra).

The best thing is that they resolved the Issue very soon and mailed him as:

Action Bar Issue Resolved by Icegram

And when he updated that file, everything fine. Yaa, now all our campaign at HowToCracker is working great and Icegram also super-charged our conversion rate.

All the Support articles will keep updating according to the quality of services they’re offering. If you’ve ever interacted with the support of an online company, and you want to feature your interaction on HowToCracker then you can mail us at [email protected].

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Have a Good Day and Take Care.