How to Find a WordPress Post ID without using Plugin

Find WordPress Post ID

Have you ever feel the need of WordPress Post, Page, and Category ID. There are lot of Themes and Plugins available in the market which ask for the IDs of Post, Pages, and Category. Usually that ID is used to exclude that particular post, page, or category out of your blog archive and sometimes to … Read more

Easy as Pie Guide to Install Google Tag Manager in WordPress

As the title of guide indicates, so Installing Google Tag Manager in WordPress is not that Hard. I’ve already talked a lot about GTM in my previous article. So If you’ve not already created a GTM account or not managing your tags like GA tag, Advertising tags, etc. Then I suggest you to go for … Read more

How to Add Links in Posts and Pages in WordPress

As you know that WordPress is the best and most User friendly CMS there. So, Adding links (Hyperlink) in WordPress is not that hard. But in this tutorial I’ll just show, how you can add links in Posts and Pages. As it comes with 2 type of editor (Visual Editor and Simple HTML text Editor) … Read more