What is Managed WordPress Hosting: Beautiful Overview

Guide to Managed WordPress Hosting

Most of the WordPress beginner end up starting WordPress blog on Shared Hosting (mostly Bluehost). And shared Hosting provides enough resources for the beginners to start with. As they start with no traffic and users to judge their blog. Also, one of the major reason is that Shared Hosting is much cheaper than Managed WordPress … Read more

Cheapest Managed WordPress Hosting from NameCheap- Just $8.88/Year

Cheapest Managed WordPress Hosting by NameCheap

NameCheap has been there since 2000, for 17 years. One of the major & cheapest domain registrar and hosting provider in competition. And now NameCheap has launched the cheapest WordPress hosting, will let you set up your WordPress blog within 30 seconds. Yeah, you heard that right, NameCheap launched the EasyWPBETA Cheapest Managed WordPress Hosting. So that … Read more

How to Make WordPress Blog on Bluehost in 5 Minutes: B-Friendly

WordPress Blog on Bluehost Web Hosting

I wrote this WP guide specifically for Bluehost. Well, there is nothing serious like that but for an obvious reason, that WordPress officially recommends Bluehost to host your WordPress blog on. So let’s get to know, how to make WordPress Blog on Bluehost WordPress Hosting. Bluehost, one of the best web hosting around for WP … Read more

Download Old Version of WordPress Plugin, Theme, or Previous WP Release

Download Older Version of WordPress Plugins or Themes

HowToCracker is back with an another tutorial. Sometimes you may need to rollback to the old version of any plugin. And, the situation can be caused by a WP Plugins, WP Themes, or the core WordPress files. So the tutorial is all about that how you can download the old version of WordPress plugin (theme and … Read more

How to Find a WordPress Post ID without using Plugin


Have you ever feel the need of WordPress Post, Page, and Category ID. There are a lot of Themes and Plugins available in the market which ask for the IDs of Post, Pages, and Category. Usually, that ID is used to exclude that particular post, page, or category out of your blog archive and sometimes … Read more