How to Make a Daily Deal Website with WordPress for Free

How to Make a Daily Deal Website with WordPress for Free

Daily Deal Websites like Groupon, Woot, CouponRaja, DesiDime, and many other, making massive money online in commission. What they’re doing is updating the daily coupons and discounts deals. Or else you can say that they place Merchants (like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and…) Discounts Deals on their website in the form banners, links, coupons, and more. And when someone makes a purchase through that link or placed advertisement, in return they get a handsome commission from those merchants. You can do the same by making a Daily Deal Website.

To make a Daily Deal Website either you can hire a Web Developer or try to make one yourself. If Hiring a Web Developer is costing you much or not under your budget then you should try yourself. I recommend you to start creating with WordPress or you can choose any other CMS, which best suits you. But in this article, I’m guiding you to go with WordPress.

Things Required to Make a Daily Deal Website with WordPress:

Optional Plugins:

Once you got web hosting and a domain name. Start playing with them you can browse other how to Guides to set them up or ask me via comment or contact form. Let’s install WordPress.

Either you can install WordPress by the 1 Click Installer offered by your Web Hosting. Or you can Manually Install WordPress using your Web Hosting’s cPanel. I’m assuming that your WordPress is Up and running.

once you’re logged into your WordPress Dashboard, move on to next step.

Woo-Commerce – WordPress E-Commerce Plugin:

Woo-Commerce is a Free E-Commerce plugin for WordPress. It allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Whether it’s a physical product or downloadable thing. But we’re going to use it as a Dealer plugin for our Daily Deal website. Download and Install the Woo-Commerce plugin and customize its settings according to your Deal website.

Settings to customize or to interact with:

  • General Options: Set your base location, Selling location and Currency options.


  • Products: Set things up what suits you to the size of images of products, reviews-rating, and other things.

WooCommerce Products

  • Account Page: I don’t think that there is any need to create an Account. We’ll be just sending Traffic to Merchant websites. So, Instead of the Registration form, we’ll place a Subscription form to get users as Subscribers.
  • Cart: Also, there is no need of Cart. We’ll send traffic direct to Merchants.

Store-Front Theme by Woo-Themes:

The store-front theme is specially designed for E-Commerce by Woo-Themes, which supports Woo-Commerce. It’s really amazing, it’ll allow you to make your store looking like a Grand E-Commerce Store as Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Store Front Theme by WooThemes

So, you can download and install it for free and customize its settings like the logo, tagline, and… of your Daily Deal website. There is no need to do anymore with the theme.

YITH Woo-Commerce Catalog Mode:

By default, Woo-Commerce plugin comes with things like Add to Cart button, Checkout, Shipping and many other things. But we don’t need them while creating a Daily Deal Website. So, this plugin disables some part cart and checkout pages. Simply it turns your Website into a Catalog Mode or Daily Deal website. But still, our Daily Deal website needs some modification like hiding the buttons completely from the theme and more. You can do so if you have got a little bit knowledge of HTML and PHP.

You can Sign Up to get Complete How To? Modification Guide in a .PDF format. So, you can modify your Daily Deal Website as you want.

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