How to Make Money Online with Cuelinks

How to Make Money Online with Cuelinks

Making Money Online is not that Hard, what you need is patience & some resources. And today I’m gonna tell you the ways you can make money online with Cuelinks. First of all, what Cuelinks is?. Well, Cuelinks is a Content Monetization Tool (an Affiliate Network) by a Experienced Startup in Mumbai of India. In other words, Cuelinks let you become an affiliate directly without filling up anymore form for the Merchants in their database. just view the merchant’s details and grab your affiliate link.

, , , etc… all of these are Affiliate Network. You can start Making Money with anyone of them. All these affiliate networks are to SIGN UP or CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

So, today I’m gonna share some cool and smart ways that you can make money with Cuelinks.

Ways to Make Money Online with Cuelinks:

Cuelinks works great for Indian Bloggers or anyone wit the blog having a good traffic from India, Russia and Brazil. Because it is connected to more than 2000 merchants from India, Russia and Brazil. So, you know to make massive money online you must have a up and running Blog or Website. If you don’t have one then go and grab a Web Hosting Package and Start your .com right away.

Okay, you’re continuing reading, that means you’ve a Blog or Website. So, I’m going to release all the ways to make money with cuelinks.

  1. Daily Deal & Coupon Website.
  2. Blogging for a Targeted Niche.
  3. Write Products Reviews.
  4. Cuelinks Widgets.
  5. Promotion by Android App.

These are the 5 best ways to make money online with Cuelinks, I’ll keep updating this article with more ways. Okay, let me tell you, How to get started with all of them?.

1. Daily Deal & Coupon Website

Creating a Daily Deal & Coupon website like is the best way to make massive money with Cuelinks. Update it daily and make your own strategy to earn more with it.

To create a Daily Deal website like that one you can hire a developer or if you think that you can, then try to create it yourself. You can try to create it on WordPress or any other CMS, which best suits your needs.

To create a Daily Deal Website with WordPress, you’ll need:

  1. A Domain with .in extension.
  2. A to host your domain and Web Files.
  3. WordPress Software – Free.
  4. Woo-Commerce – Free WordPress Plugin.
  5. Storefront – Free WordPress Theme.
  6. A lil knowledge of HTML and PHP, so you can customize your Theme and Plugin for your needs.

2. Blogging for a Targeted Niche

Blogging is an another best way to make money with cuelinks with doing just nothing more than that what you were already doing (writing blog posts). Let’s assume that you’re a blogger and you frequently points to E-commerce or any other products based websites like Flipkart, SnapDeal, Amazon, ShoppersStop, Air Asia, and. In that condition there is a great feature called Cuewords by Cuelinks, which will help you to make massive money with your already written Blog posts.

To take Cuewords in action, you just need to add a few lines of JavaScript code into your Blog Source Code. You can get that JavaScript Code after logging in to your Cuelinks account and then go to Install. Once you added that code, it’ll take 8 or 9 hours to come in action. It’ll convert your products or website name keywords into money making links.

You can see the Demo here.

3. Write Products Review

Writing Products Review works really great. You can start writing reviews of different products and add some affiliate links in the content to purchase. If someone is reading review, of course he want to purchase that. As I’ve already told that you can add 2 or three links to purchase that product on any E-commerce website like Flipkart, SnapDeal, Amazon, etc in return you’ll get a handsome commission out of that.

Create a Review Website and start making money with , , or any other Affiliate Network.

4. Cuelinks Widgets

I like Cuelinks Widgets very much, once you placed then no need to anything. If you’re following anyone of the above method to make money with cuelinks. Then, I’ll recommend you to place 2-3 Cuelinks widgets in your Blog Sidebar and Footer. That’s cool, to learn more please check out the Cuelinks Review.

5. Promotion by Android App

This is an another way to make some money online, you can hire a Android Developer and ask him to develop an Android App for promoting all the products of Merchants available on Cuelinks. And, don’t forget to ask him that how to update these products.

of Cuelinks right away.

I’ll be keep updating this article with more cool ways and I’ll also upload videos to make you understand that clearly.

If you find this article helpful, please share it help others.

Have a Good Day and Take Care.

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