How to Set Custom Front Page in WordPress

How to Set Custom Front Page in WordPress

What to do? When you’re offering some Professional Services (like Blog Migration, SEO or any other) along with your Blog and No-One of your blog visitor know about any of your services you’re offering there. That time, I recommend you to go for an SEO Optimized 1 Page Theme. you can Set Custom Front Page with all the details of Services you’re offering, also 2 or 3 Blog article widgets in the footer or sidebar. Place a link to your Blog page in the Main Menu.

I’m gonna show you Exactly, What and How to do so?

Set Custom Front Page or Home Page in WordPress

For Better results and make your Blog-site both user and SEO friendly. I’ve designed a simple layout for those, whose main source of income is the premium services they offer like Website Designing, Development, SEO, and… 2nd priority is maintaining the blog.

Here is the layout you need to design your blog-site as:

Set Custom Front Page in WordPress Blog

When you’re setting custom front page, make sure you’ve linked your Blog Page too.

  • Place a Link to your Blog in Main Menu.
  • Point to your published Blog Articles in between the description of Services.

I’ve shown you in the image above as you need to place Blog Articles widget in Footer but you can also place in the sidebar.

  • Place Blog Articles Widget in Footer or Sidebar.

Now I’m gonna show, How you can set Custom Front Page in WordPress.

Follow along to Set Custom Front Page:

It’s as simple as that, once you logged into your WordPress Dashboard. Then what you need to do is just go to-

  • Settings > Reading

And then Select the button saying A Static Page under Front Page Displays. It’ll allow you to select Front Page and Blog Posts page separately.

Select the Page for Posts and you want to set the Home or Front Page for your Blog. As shown in the screenshot below:

Front Page in WordPress

Once selected, click on Save changes.

Still, you’re facing any problem, feel free to ask via comment or tweet me @HowToCracker.

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