Create Meta Description for SEO- Rank High in SERPs and Catch Users

For every brand, one of the major aspects to take care of is its promotion. Yeah, the promotion of a business’s brand is essential. Nowadays, SEO has taken in use for the promotions. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as the process that is used to enhance the ranking of a website in SERPs to … Read more

Robots.txt File, In-Depth Discussion

Robots.txt File is one of the most Important File for the SEO of any Blog-Site. It plays a major role in the Crawling and Indexing of the Web Pages. So, you should create and use one for your Blog-Site. Okay, 1st let me tell you that having a Robots.txt File for a Blog-Site is not … Read more

ON PAGE SEO Techniques to Rank in Top 10 – Updated

ON Page SEO Optimization Techniques via

ON Page SEO is also important for ranking good in the long run. How you can optimize your Blog Post or a complete website for Search Engines by using ON Page SEO techniques, these techniques are the soul of the body of your quality content; to make it Search Engine Friendly. So, today we’re going to … Read more

WordPress Ping List 4 Faster Indexing of New Blog Post

WordPress Ping List is a list of pinging websites and plays a major role in the SEO of a WP Blog and helps a lot in Faster Indexing of New Blog Post. Whenever you publish a Blog Post or page, WordPress automatically sends a notification to some of the pinging website (what are already added … Read more