Download Old Version of WordPress Plugin, Theme, or Previous WP Release

Download Older Version of WordPress Plugins or Themes

HowToCracker is back with an another tutorial. Sometimes you may need to rollback to the old version of any plugin. And, the situation can be caused by a WP Plugins, WP Themes, or the core WordPress files. So the tutorial is all about that how you can download the old version of WordPress plugin (theme and … Read more

WordPress Plugins that Powers

WordPress Plugins that Powers

Boom!, I know you’re super excited to know that what plugins is using. As I can see that you’re researching for good WordPress Plugins for your blog. Guys, I’ve been blogging for about 8 months and over this time I’ve tested many plugins to power up my Blog. I do Believe in Transparency with … Read more

ON PAGE SEO Techniques to Rank in Top 10 – Updated

ON Page SEO Optimization Techniques via

ON Page SEO is also important for ranking good in the long run. How you can optimize your Blog Post or a complete website for Search Engines by using ON Page SEO techniques, these techniques are the soul of the body of your quality content; to make it Search Engine Friendly. So, today we’re going to … Read more

WordPress Plugins for a Startup Blog

WordPress Plugins for Startup Blog

Plugins are the most important element to run a WordPress Blog, to extend the functionality or to work better in a comfort zone of writing. I started this WP Blog back in October of 2015 with only 7  WordPress Plugins and 1 Theme. I’ve also researched a lot about WordPress Blog, Best WordPress Themes, Best … Read more