What is Managed WordPress Hosting: Beautiful Overview

Guide to Managed WordPress Hosting

Most of the WordPress beginner end up starting WordPress blog on Shared Hosting (mostly Bluehost). And shared Hosting provides enough resources for the beginners to start with. As they start with no traffic and users to judge their blog. Also, one of the major reason is that Shared Hosting is much cheaper than Managed WordPress … Read more

How to Make WordPress Blog on Bluehost in 5 Minutes: B-Friendly

WordPress Blog on Bluehost Web Hosting

I wrote this WP guide specifically for Bluehost. Well, there is nothing serious like that but for an obvious reason, that WordPress officially recommends Bluehost to host your WordPress blog on. So let’s get to know, how to make WordPress Blog on Bluehost WordPress Hosting. Bluehost, one of the best web hosting around for WP … Read more

How to Add Links in Posts and Pages in WordPress

As you know that WordPress is the best and most User friendly CMS there. So, Adding links (Hyperlink) in WordPress is not that hard. But in this tutorial I’ll just show, how you can add links in Posts and Pages. As it comes with 2 type of editor (Visual Editor and Simple HTML text Editor) … Read more

How to Set Custom Front Page in WordPress

What to do?, When you’re offering some Professional Services (like Blog Migration, SEO or any other) along-with your Blog and No-One of your blog visitor know about any of your services you’re offering there. That time, I recommend you to go for a SEO Optimized 1 Page Theme. you can Set Custom Front Page with … Read more