Add Addon Domain on Bluehost using their In-house cPanel

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I’ve already published an article about adding an addon domain using cPanel. But when it comes to Bluehost web hosting, Bluehost offers its in-house modified cPanel. Much clearer interface, and works a bit different than the ordinary one. But don’t worry, I’ll help you out if wanna Add Addon Domain on Bluehost.

Add Addon Domain on Bluehost

To do so, first, the domain you wanna add as addon domain should have the Bluehost Nameservers updated. For that what you need to do is update the current nameservers to Bluehost Nameservers NS1.BLUEHOST.COM and NS2.BLUEHOST.COM in DNS.

Bluehost- Best Web Hosting

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started and go through all the steps…

Log in-to the Bluehost Account to Add Addon Domain on Bluehost

As I already told you that the panel provided by Bluehost is a bit different in comparison to the ordinary cPanel. So logging into the Bluehost will not give access to the domains section from the 1st screen. Once you’re logged in, now you’ll need to head over to the domains section.

Click on the domain’s link on top, as you can see in the image below.

Log into the cPanel to Add Addon Domain on Bluehost

Once the domains page is loaded, you’ll have a screen as shown below.

Now click on the link saying “Assign a domain to your cPanel account”, which will redirect you to the domain assigning page.

Go to the Domains Tab to Add Addon Domain on Bluehost

Enter the domain you want to add as an addon domain. Also, you can select one from the list of domains already associated with your account.

Once you entered the domain name, it’ll strive to verify the domain ownership (shown below).
Enter the Domain Name you wanna add as Addon Domain

Once done, you’ll see a message in step 2: verify ownership. Confirming that the nameservers of the domain you trying to add as addon domain are currently set to Bluehost.

If not already set to Bluehost, you’ll see a message as to update the following nameservers in DNS panel by logging into your domain account.

Ownership Verification by Bluehost Nameservers

Once verified, now you can move on to the step 3, leave Addon Domain selected (shown below).

Select Addon Domain type

Step 4 is to choose or name the directory to store all files for that particular domain ( So that a website can load once called the domain you just added as Addon.

You’ll find step 4 auto-filled with respect to step 1, and I suggest you leave the fields as they’re. All done, click Assign this Domain green button.

Name the Directory and Click on Assign or Add Addon Domain

Clicking on Assign this Domain button will initiate the process of adding Addon Domain. You will be able to manage all the domains assigned to your hosting account from the same domains page.

Domain Assigning in Process in Right Side and Domain listed in Left Side

Yeah, you’re done adding Addon Domain

Gotcha? The process has been initiated, and won’t take more than 15 minutes. From the same page, you’ll be able to manage Nameservers and other DNS settings.

I hope you guys found this guide helpful, as it was much simpler and nothing tricky.

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Bluehost- Best Web Hosting

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