Add Addon Domain in cPanel Web Hosting: Beginners Guide

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I haven’t yet discussed much Web Hosting things except the WordPress Installation. But in this post, I’m gonna discuss the domain’s functionality using cPanel in shared web hosting. Before that, I want you to see the more clear picture.

Add Addon Domain

Suppose you’ve got a web hosting account with the ability to host more than ONE website. So the domain you’ve registered while buying hosting is primary domain for that account (or first website).

But, what if you have the wanna run another website on the same hosting account.

For that, you’ll have to Add Addon Domain in that hosting using cPanel. So you’re going to learn that how you can add an addon domain with the help of this beginners guide.

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Add Addon Domain in cPanel (Shared Hosting) with NO Hassle

Yeah, you read that right, I’m gonna show you everything how exactly you can add an addon domain to any hosting account. Follow along for the step-by-step guide, it’s not that hard you can do the same with no hassle.

Add Addon Domain in cPanel Shared Web Hosting

Let’s get started, and start playing with the cPanel for the addition of an addon domain. For that just log in to the cPanel and then;

Logged-in? Look for the Addon Domain in Domains Section

Suppose you’ve logged-in, now look for the Domains section there.

Once you found the domains section, click on Addon domain (s) button, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Add Addon Domain in cPanel

Once you clicked the buttons shown above, now you’ll be redirected to the page where you’ll have to enter the details to add addon domain.

Enter the domain name you wanna add as the addon domain, in New Domain Name field. As shown in the image below…

Enter the Domain you want to Add as Addon Domain

When you’ll click outside of the input box after entering the domain name, the next two input fields will auto-filled. Once all done, click on the Add Domain button, the page will reload with a success message that your domain is added as the addon domain. And that’s all, your domain is added as addon domain…

And yeah one more thing, make sure you’ve changed the Nameservers in the DNS (Domain Name System) of your domain host. Changing name server simply means that you’re redirecting the domain to your web host so that the website can load well when someone browses.

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