How to Add Links in Posts and Pages in WordPress

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As you know that WordPress is the best and most User-friendly CMS there. So, Adding links (Hyperlink) in WordPress is not that hard. But in this tutorial, I’ll just show, how you can add links to Posts and Pages. As it comes with 2 type of editor (Visual Editor and Simple HTML text Editor) to write and edit the content of blog posts and pages. A beginner can Add links with Visual Editor as it’s like that. However, you need a Good knowledge of HTML Language to add the link to HTML Text Editor. But I’ll be showing to Add Links using both of those Editors.

Both Visual and Simple HTML Text Editor is shown in the Image below:

WordPress Blog Post Editor

Add Links to Posts and Pages in WordPress: Visual Editor

At 1st I’ll be showing that How to Add links using Visual Editor, It’s super Easy.

To Add Links in between the content of your Blog Posts or Pages you need to:

  1. Select the TEXT you want to create a hyperlink for.
  2. Click on Insert/edit link Button as shown in the image below.

Create a Link in between the Content of Blog Posts and Pages in WordPress

Once you clicked on the button, It’ll come up with a Pop-up. Where you need to:

  • Enter the final destination URL or the Website you want your user to redirect to.
  • Link Text is the Text, what will be shown upon the website URL or link ( or you can say Hyperlink Text).
  • If you want that Link to be open in a New tab (when clicked), then you need to CHECK the box saying Open in a new tab.

You can also link to your published blog posts or pages.To do so, you need to click on Or link to existing content and then Search by the name of post or page. Once you find the post or page, you wanna link to. Click on that Post or Page and It’ll automatically fetch the link to post or page.

Create a Link in Blog Post Editor in WordPress

Once you’ve done with that all, click on Add Link. And that’s all you can see that link in the Blue colour shown in the image below:

Link added in WordPress Blog Posts and Pages

How to Create a Link in HTML:

As I’ve already told you that to create a Link in HTML, you must have the knowledge of HTML language. But to End your search to Creating a link in HTML. I’m explaining you, as I’ve Mastered the HTML (Yaa, I’ve Mastered the Web Development).

I’m going to explain you with the help of Link that we’ve created with Visual Editor.

This is what that link looks like in HTML, shown below:

Create Link in HTML

In the above image:

  • <a>: It’s a HTML Tag stands for creating a Hyperlink, used to link from one page to another page. Generally as you Hover over any link, It notifies you by changing the mouse pointer into a Whitish HAND tool. But it just works with href attribute and must have some value in href. Again I’m saying that a is Nothing without href.</a> for closing the Tag, as it is Necessary.
  • href: It’s the most important Attribute of HTML Tag a, which is used to specify the URL of the Website the link is going to or you can say the Final Destination of the Link. We write it as <a href=""></a>.
  • target: It’s also an Attribute of HTML tag a, which specifies that where to Open the Linked URL. As I wanted to Open that Link in a New Tab, so I’ve typed _blank (Open in a new tab). We write it as <a href="" target="_blank"></a> or <a target="_blank" href=""></a> both are correct. If you don’t want to open in a new tab, then you don’t have any need to add target Attribute to the link.

You can also add No-follow Attribute to the link for SEO, as <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ></a>.

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