Tips to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engine Traffic

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We all know the importance of Search Engine Traffic when you think about a log run blog. May your blog has 1 to 10000+ subscribers, but without search engine traffic we do not think about a successful blog.

Achieving decent search engine traffic is not an easy job, but we never ignore it. Content is an important part of your blog as well as Content Optimization is also very important for SEO prospect.

On the other hand, we should not compromise the Social Media Promotion for Search Engine Ranking. These all things are necessary for getting decent search engine traffic.

Optimize Blog for Search Engine Traffic

Reasons, Your Blog not getting Search Engine Traffic:

There are many aspects a SEOer need to take care of, therefore there are many reasons for not getting Search Engine Traffic or Organic Traffic. But in this article, I’m just mentioning some of the major points to take care of. And I’ll keep updating this article with, what other things matter in Search Engine Ranking.

Writing Low Quality or Mediocre Content

Try to write high-quality content on your blog. It’s helpful, even search engines can identify the quality of content. So if you write high-quality content on your blog it helps to grab the eyeball of the readers as well as of Search Engines.

Low or mediocre content is one of the reasons for losing search engine rank.

Social Media helps for better search engine ranking. But it supports indirectly. So due to high-quality content, your blog will get more Social Media traffic, which is helpful for search engine ranking.

Images Without ALT Tags or Mis-Matched ALT Tags

Images make your blog post beautifully so they attract traffic. You should optimize your Images with ALT Tags for better search engine ranking. Some bloggers do not use Alt Tags in their blogs or optimize the images with wrong Alt Tags which are not related to the blog post. For this reason, your blog will not get rank in search engines.

Meta Title and Meta Description (Length Matters too)

Both are important for a blog. Google limits the characters of Meta Description. It should be kept within 150 -160 characters. If you write more than that Google will not show the exceeded characters.

When users search for queries in search engines, they first see the meta title and meta description of a blog or website. I hope you got that, Meta Title and Meta Description are the identification of a blog in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

I recommend you to write a catchy meta title and description. As users get an idea about a blog with meta description from SERP. So that way It helps to improve the CTR of a blog.

Writing Content without Targeted Keywords

This is a very common mistake that most of the bloggers do. They write content for their blog but don’t do keyword research for that blog. So the content is not written with targeted keyword.

When Search Engines visit the blog post, they do not understand which keywords are targeted for the blog post. And the blog post does not get placed in SERPs, eventually, lacks in getting Search Engine Traffic.

So Before writing any content do some keyword research and write content based on selected keywords. You need to put the Keywords in Headings, ALT Tags, apply the Bold & Italic tag (where it’s important), place your keywords in the content with the density of minimum 1.5 to 2.1%. Now your content is fully optimized for Search Engine ranking.

Final Words

I have mentioned some reasons why your blog is not getting search engine traffic. Reasons are many but words are limited. Anyway, I’ll keep updating this blog post. If you want to share your feedback please comment below.

And, also if this article helped you then consider to share it on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and… to help out your friends and colleagues.

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5 thoughts on “Tips to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engine Traffic”

  1. Hi there Akshar,

    I just read this post which is magnificent and made me think in other way about SEO.

    I think that I found the reason why I’m not getting good in SERP.

    Reason : Writing Content without Targeted Keywords

    I’ll implement asap these killing techniques to my blog.

    Keep up the good work, waiting for more articles.

    Yours, Clay.

    • Hello! Clay,
      I’m really glad to see you again, and of-course you should write all your content with Targeted Keywords placed in that.
      You can use Free Keyword Research Tool Google Keyword Planner or for better results you can go for Premium Keywords Research Tool like SEO PowerSuite (Download Free Trial).
      I’m already working on my next article, hope to see you there.


  2. Great points you made, thanks for the tips. This is an easy way to learn about unknown stuffs and know what they do thereby creating a business relationship. I love these stuffs that relates to my topic of one’s writing or general good points are great way to go.

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