Create Meta Description to Improve Your SEO and Rank Higher in SERP

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For every brand, one of the major aspects to take care of is its promotion. Yeah, the promotion of a business’s brand is essential. Nowadays, SEO has taken in use for the promotions. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as the process that is used to enhance the ranking of a website in SERPs to catch as much as users possible.

Higher rankings will simply lead to more number of visitors and eventually to customers. As I’ve already discussed that there are different components of SEO. One such component is meta description. So today we’re going to discuss Meta Description.

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Let’s know a bit more about Meta Description.

Meta Description, one of the Important Aspect of ON-Page SEO

Google Announced, Meta Description and Meta Keywords are not Search Ranking Factors anymore
According to MOZ, In 2009 Google Announced that Meta Description & Meta Keywords are not Search Ranking Factors anymore…

In early days of SEO, search engines considered all the meta descriptions to be important when it comes to the ranking of a website. After sometimes, Search Engines started paying more heed to the actual content that appears on the page while evaluating the rank.

In the present scenario, meta description may not be considered as the website ranking factor, but it still plays a vital role. It should never be ignored entirely.

Let’s discuss that how it actually works. When you search something, the meta description that has written and included in the code comes up below the TITLE in the SERPs. If you do not include it in the code, then the search engines will create one for you.

Sometimes, they tend to pull random passage from the actual content or they might just show the first sentence of text on the page.

It shows only around 156 characters in Search Results. So there is no such guarantee that either option exactly shows the page as a whole.

Meta Description Helps in Conversion Optimization

Meta description can actually help in increasing the sale. A searcher is willing to click on the web page that has more relevant information to his requirements and it will save time and exacerbation. If you create a catchy meta description, then a search engine user will be more willing to click on your page.

Meta Description SERPs Preview

Aspects to take are care of While Writing Meta Description

While writing meta descriptions, few things need to be kept in mind. First is there is not much space on SERP for the meta description.

  • So, try to submit it in 156 characters (including spaces) or less to avoid the search engine reducing your message.

When the seeker can see the whole description, it becomes easier to understand what is written on the page. Without the full description, it becomes daunting along with the guessing game to determine what has written on the page. The users want their queries to be resolved quickly and observing a reduced description can be annoying. Besides this full description seems to be more professional and clearer.

If you are skeptical about whether to use keywords or not, then the answer is here. You need to include the keywords even if the search engines are not paying heed to the meta description while evaluation of the ranking. It is so because the user will still notice them.

The keyword or phrase that user will search will be bolded in search engine results. If what the user looking for appears first, then he/she will come to the site, generate a click through and result in the more targeted audience.

Write a compelling Meta Description, which makes users take instant action. Here’s how you can make a good one to attract users and make them take instant action.

  • Make sure you’re writing really very relevant to your content copy
  • Include one keyword in the description
  • Make it Actionable on the first sight
  • All this should not go over 156 characters

Final Take on Meta Description

So finally, I just recommend crafting the meta description not more than 156 characters. Include a targeted keyword or two but it should make sense, do not try to stuff unnecessarily. And if you’re a WordPress user, you can use the SEO Plugins to make your way easier. It will be a junction. Now, it’s evident that meta description is important, therefore should never be ignored.

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