How to Edit Blog Posts and Pages in WordPress

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To be a PRO, either in Blogging or any other Industry. You need to go through all the stages of Starting Point. And today you’re at the stage of Editing Posts and Pages on WordPress, of-course in Blogging. So in this Article, I’m going to explain that how you can edit Blog post and page in WordPress. How things happen with a post or page. Before moving on to Editing, I would like you to read the articles mentioned below:

Let’s start editing post and page in WordPress. To do so, you need to do as shown in the screenshot below:

Start Working with Blog Posts and Pages in WordPress

Edit Blog Post and Page in WordPress:

Once the page is loaded listing all the Blog post or page, whatever you wanna edit. There you get a Hopen Menu (Open Menu comes by Hovering). As you’ll hover over the Title of your Blog Post, that menu comes up. As shown in the image below:

Open Menu by Hovering over the Title of Blog Posts or Page

Here’s the functionalities of all the link buttons goes to:

  • Edit: It’ll let you edit the content of that particular post or page with the freedom to use a lots of tools.

WordPress Blog Post Editor

Quick Edit Blog Post and Page

As indicates, It lets you Quickly Edit the Blog post or page, but you can not edit the content here. I recommend you to change things like Title, Slug and Status by quick editing, It’ll save a lot of your time bypassing the content editor loading.

Quick Edit of Blog Posts in WordPress

  • Trash: It’ll delete your Blog Post or Page (Not Permanently).
  • View: It’ll let you see the Preview of your Post or Page.
  • Purge from Cache: Most probably you see this option, when you’ve installed a Cache Plugin. Purging from Cache is helpful when you’ve made any changes in your post, but you’re not able to see those changes Immediately. I’ll discuss this in-depth in an another Article.

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