How to Find a WordPress Post ID without using Plugin

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Have you ever feel the need of WordPress Post, Page, and Category ID. There are a lot of Themes and Plugins available in the market which ask for the IDs of Post, Pages, and Category. Usually, that ID is used to exclude that particular post, page, or category out of your blog archive and sometimes to Show or Pin the post in Slider. So there are many other similar cases I can tell you about. Finding a WordPress Post ID is not that hard, it’s pretty easy and straight. And, the process of finding any ID is similar to each other whether it’s a Post ID, Page ID, Category ID or Comment ID. So I’m gonna tell you how you can find an ID assigned to your different post types, of-course without using any plugin.

Finding ID of Post, Page, Category, and Comment in WordPress

It’s as simple as that, just go to the page where all your post listed. Just Hover over the Post you want to know the ID of. Now, you’ll see a URL at the Left Bottom of your Browser which includes the ID too.

It can be any digits 1, 2, 3, … It depends on many factors.

In my case, the highlighted part in the image shown below is ID (post=761). It’s understood if you’re smart enough.

Find WordPress Post ID

Note: Process to find the Id of Pages, Categories, and Comments is similar as for the Posts. As you can see in the pictures below.

Find Category ID in WordPress

Find Comment ID in WordPress

Another Trick to find Post ID

Yeah, It works for all (posts, pages, categories, and comments).

Simply Edit the Post you wanna know the ID of, and you can see the Post ID in the browser’s Address Bar (I know it’s obvious). As shown in the image below.

WordPress Post ID in Address Bar


An ID can be used for many purposes in Posts and Pages, and I’ll tell you that all in an upcoming article.

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