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When I started blogging back in 2015, for a month I was not using Google Analytics to analyze the Traffic and Growth of my Blog. Then I found an Article stating the uses and advantages of Google Analytics. Then I committed to set it up right Instant and I did it the right way.
Now I could see the traffic I was getting on my Blog. It helped me a lot in identifying the right thing for my Blog, as I was changing things to power up my blog, as much same as A/B Testing.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.- Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

Analytics Data plays a vital role in the growth of any Business, and also in Blogging, as Blogging is not another thing. Blogging gives us the ability to Make Money Online out of our Passion.

I recommend you to Setup Google Analytics for your WordPress Blog right away. And, I’m gonna show you exactly, how you can do that.

Setup Google Analytics for WordPress Blog:

No need to worry about anything, We’re going to do that together. Remember you can Repeat the Same process for adding any other additional Blog-sites. And of course, if you’re reading this beginner’s tutorial then for sure you’re Setting Google Analytics for the first time. To do so, you need to go to Google Analytics and log in using your google account (Gmail Account). Once you’re logged in, sign up for a Free GA account by adding some general details. At first Name, your Analytics account and then enter the details asked about your first property to track (Blog-site). And then, as shown in the screenshots below:

Google Analytics

Now you’ll see a screen like shown below, enter all the details correctly and click Get Tracking ID.

Google Analytics WordPress Blog Details

Once you clicked to get tracking ID, you’re going to have a screen as shown below:

Google Analytics Tracking Code

So, you’ve got your Tracking ID and Code for your Blog or Website.

And you’re done, you’ve successfully setup a Google Analytics account for your Blog-site.

Ways to Integrate GA Tracking ID Code to WordPress:

It’s time for the most important thing to do, you need to Integrate the Tracking Code you’ve got. You need to Integrate that GA Tracking Code into the source code of your Blog or Website. You can do that by various methods but I’ve picked up some Easiest methods.

1. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is Free and best option I recommend to every Blogger, as using it you can manage all the tags for your Blog including Google Analytics even you can trigger Custom HTML Tag. You only need to set it up once and you’re done, then you don’t have to worry about anything for forever. Here is the guide to Setup Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager for your Blog.

2. Using GA WordPress Plugin

Google Analytics for WordPressThere are many WP Plugins for Google Analytics available there in Official WordPress repository, but I recommend you to install Google Analytics Dashboard for WP or you may go for Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast.

  • Install and Activate the Plugin
  • Go to Google Analytics (main menu in Left side) > General Settings
  • Click Authorize Plugin button

Google Analytics Plugin Authorization

Now you’ll see a Red Link to Get Access Code, click that Red Link;

Get Google Analytics Access Code

Once you clicked Get Access Code button, you’ll be directed to a New Tab to Login your Google Account (which is connected to your Google Analytics Account) and ALLOW the plugin Permission.

Once you Allowed, you’ll get Access Code. Copy and Paste this Code in the Input Box given by the Plugin in your Blog Admin.

  • Once you pasted that code in the Input Box (as you can see in the above screenshot), Click Save Access Code.

Copy and Paste Access Code Google Analytics Plugin

Once your done with Access Code, you’ll see a screen as you can see below;

Select Your Blog Google Analytics for WordPress

That’s all you’ve integrated Google Analytics with Your WordPress Blog. Now you can see the Visitors and Traffic you’re getting on your Blog right from your WP Dashboard or you can see in depth by logging into Google Analytics.

3. Editing Your WordPress Theme

Header and Footer Scripts

Instead of Editing your Theme source file, It is good to inject the Google Analytics Tracking ID Code with the help of third-party plugin like Header and Footer Scripts by Anand Kumar.

  • Install and Activate the Plugin
  • Head over to Settings > Click Header and Footer Scripts
  • Paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code in Footer Section and Click Save Settings.

Google Analytics Tracking Code-Script-in-Footer

It’ll inject the GA Tracking Code before </body> tag in Footer of your WordPress Blog. It might take 12 to 24 Hours in fetching Analytics Data, so don’t worry; Wait some time.

If this tutorial helped you in setting up Google Analytics, then please consider to share it on Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Have a Good Day and Take Care.

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