Increase Adsense CTR with these Key-points

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I have earlier said that Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your blog easily. CTR shows how good you are earning. So if you want to increase Adsense CTR ( Click through rate ), then you should place your Ad units smartly.

There is no limit on earning from Adsense when you know how to make it work for you.

Google’s Adsense is the No 1 contextual ad network and the best way to monetize blogs. But there can be many bloggers who are not earning good because of low CTR. So lets talk about Increasing the Adsense CTR.

Increase Adsense CTR

Adsense CTR ( Click Through Rate)- Points to take care of:

And, I’m mentioning some of the Key-Points to take care of, before using Adsense to make money…

  • Choosing a Niche

Choosing the wrong niche can be the biggest reason for low CTR. Usually, blogs related to Internet marketing and make money online have low CTR as their readers know why these ads are there on their blogs. And so I’ll suggest you some niches with good Adsense CTR:

  1. Media Downloading Website and Mobile App Listing or Promotion
  2. Technology Tutorials (You’ll need to choose sub-branch of Technology, as Windows Software, Mac Software, Computer Errors, etc…)
  3. Health & Fitness
  4. Finance, Insurance & Trading
  5. Fashion, Lifestyle & Entertainment
  • Ad Placements or Positioning

To increase CTR of your blog you need to place ad unit where it will get maximum exposure. Now the problem is that layouts are different for Blogs, Forums, and static websites. Don’t worry we’re covering them all here, what I recommend is as follows.


  1. Adsense banner units between Blog Posts.
  2. Place an Image and Text Ad unit in the sidebar at 2nd or 3rd spot, and make sure you’ve only placed your site links in Footer excluding of header navigation.


  1. Place a banner Adsense unit Above the first forum post.
  2. Place a banner unit in the sidebar.
  3. Place a banner Adsense unit just after the last forum post on that page, permanently.
  4. Use Adsense Link unit in the opened forum post, and remove that banner unit placed above the first forum post.

You can also take help of tools like CrazyEgg and Click heat to track visitor behavior on your blog. To know more about positioning and the best practices for Ad placement.

  • Blending Ads

Bloggers do mistake by using default ad design. You should choose Ad background and colors according to your blog design and blend ad unit with your template color theme.

Google itself recommends:

  1. To use the Ad background and border color same as the background color of the web page where you gonna place this Ad.
  2. Always use the colors for ad links and text that already exist on your blog-site.
  • Ad Sizes

As we all know how do human-like to read. Usually, we read several words or half/complete sentence at a time. So the Ad size you chose must be reader-friendly, and with that perspective in mind, your Ad must be wider than its height.

In Google’s research, they’ve found that most effective sizes are:

  1. 336 x 280 (large rectangle)
  2. 300 x 250 (medium rectangle)
  3. 768 x 90 (leader-board)
  4. 300 x 600 (half page)
  5. 300 x 100 (large mobile banner)

get more info about Ad Sizes.

  • 3 is Good for Health

If you use too many ad units then your visitors get confused and can leave your blog easily. It is recommended to use not more than 3 ad units on a blog.

  • Multiplier Ad Units

Increasing the number of Ad unit on your site that means your site visitors will see more ads, which will result in increased Adsense CTR. But just above I said that you shouldn’t use more than 3 Ad units on a page. Yeah, I’m absolutely right there.

Have you set up the RSS feed for your blog and installed the Custom Search Engine by Google?. If not then set them up right away by going through the links given below.

  1. Setup Feed-burner for Blog
  2. Add Google Custom Search Engine on Blog

Now, do you know that we can use Adsense also on RSS Feed and Google Custom Search page. If you didn’t know then YES we can use Adsense on both of them.

Login to your Feed-burner & Custom Search account and turn on the Monetization. I’ll update this article with tutorial link very soon.

  • Images or Text Ads

Many Adsense giant users found that if you’ve more Images on your site, then it’s good for you to use Text Ad units. And, if your site is mostly text then placing Image Ad units will result in increased Adsense CTR.

But the best idea is to set your Ad units to display both Images and Text ads. I’d say that if you want the exact result as you think of, then you should perform A/B Testing over your blog-site.

  • Inter-linking

Inter-linking blog posts not only increase page views but also decrease bounce rate and improve chances to get more clicks. This way user will surf more pages and spend more time on your blog.

  • Relevant Ads

Make sure that Google showing relevant ads on your blog-site. And, If you find any Irrelevant Ad, block the Ad and Ad Category as soon as possible through your Adsense account.

These are my recommendations which will surely help you to increase Google Adsense CTR. Do share your own tips. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via comments.

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