How I Increased Traffic by Revamping the Blog Eye-look

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To be honest, it’s not just about how I increased the pageviews or traffic to this blog.

I’ll explain and help you achieve the same.

Well, there were some elements on-site that I needed to get rid of. I dug in and felt that now I need to hold more flexibility to shape and design this blog the way users wanna see.

… So I researched and tested some of the best WordPress plugins on our Local WP Environment for weeks.

… I was fortunate enough that It worked-out well and helped me achieve what I wanted to see 😉 in Google Analytics.

Revamped The HowToCracker Blog

And doing so didn’t only help me increase the pageviews but it helped in increasing the average on-site time, bounce rate, and so the overall traffic as well.

Let’s dive in through the details that’ll help you understand the reasons behind and WordPress Plugins & Themes I’ve used to make that happened.

Well, I Increased Traffic using the WP Themes & Plugins listed, and alternatives…

Initially seeing the downfall of pageviews, I couldn’t find the actual reason behind that. Of course, there were some errors! as well, but fixing them didn’t help the way as expected.

… I ended up researching so closely and finally got the heck.

As stated in Skyword Study, on average, adding images help increase the pageviews by 94%.

And how the color psychology work for increasing the conversion is explained by the Industry Leader, Neil Patel.

… on top of all, it all ends on visual graphics values.

So let me walk you through all the aspects you should focus on, and how you can deal with them.

  • WordPress Theme that Shines even in low connection
  • Enhance the Widgets Capabilities
  • Improve the Affiliate Structure
  • Make Your Site Shareable
  • Make Email Lists

Points I’ve mentioned above are very clear and very important for web-growth.

But, If you’ve not paid attention or executed any of them by now, make sure you do right now. I’m stating all the WP themes & plugins I’ve used to end-up seeing the increased traffic, come along.

1. GeneratePress: A Theme that’s Lightweight & Loads Faster.

I use GeneratePress as it’s fully optimized for SEO, light-weight, and comes with a ton of customization options.

Optimized Codes for Search Engines helps the blog posts and pages get indexed faster in Search Results.

… Its light-weight helps the blog-site load faster.

… and helps you craft a layout that works.

GeneratePress Premium comes with 10+ bundled add-ons as you can see in the screenshot below.

GeneratePress Premium Addons

Add-ons that comes bundled in GP Premium includes Backgrounds, Blog, Colors, Hooks, Sections, Typography, and WooCommerce.

Once activated, all the add-ons show their customization options respectively in default theme customizer.

GeneratePress: A WordPress Theme that works every-way.

Industry leaders using GeneratePress to boost their traffic, you can too...

And one more thing to enhance your designing experience is that GeneratePress comes with the support of almost all industry leading WP Page Builders.

List of Page Builders that you can use to design freely.

Although, I designed HowToCracker without using any page builder plugin.

After all, if you’ve already tested GeneretaPress, you may want to check the Top WordPress Theme Shops you can blindly trust for SEO Optimized, Fast, and Secure themes.

2. Widget Options: An Advanced Widgets Management Plugin.

When it comes to the widgets management and configure them according to your needs, the Widget Options plugin does the magic.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it comes with more than 25 functions to let you play with.

Extended Widget Options - Configuration Settings

Widget Options plugin help you customize every widget right away, like the visibility on specific blog post or page.

… also you can manage the devices your widgets should be visible through, appearance, set expiry date, and more.

Have a look at the image below to see the way it looks like.

Extended Widget Options - UI

And yeah, if I forgot to mention that It also lets you fix the widget on scrolling.

3. Easy Affiliate Links:  Cloak Affiliate Links on Ease

Most of the newbie bloggers think that great design is all they need to focus upon.

But the way you optimize your website codes and content for Search Engines to make sure Google’s Algorithms rank your site higher in Search Results.

… you need to improve the URL or link structure as well.

To do so, I use Easy Affiliate Links to cloak affiliate links going through HowToCracker.

Let me show you how do we cloak an affiliate link. Go through the Affiliate Links menu, once the pop-up is loaded you’ll see a screen as shown below.

… it’s as simple as that.

Easy Affiliate Links

Well, the plugin not only helped me improve the affiliate link structure by cloaking them but a lot more than that. It helped me measure and see the growth graph in real-time.

4. Monarch Social Sharing Plugin: It Works like a Charm

… this one is developed by Elegant Themes, that helps you make your site shareable and increase your follow-base.

Monarch comes with 5 locations to fit it in, and a number of settings within to customize the animation, color, and hover effects.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

As shown in the image above, you’ll have the complete freedom to design your Social Media widgets, floating bar, pop-ups, and more.

Also, you can set up a widget to make the visitors become a part of your social media audience by setting up Social Follow bars & widgets that link out to your Social Media profiles.

5. Bloom: Convert Visitors into Customers to Boom-up your Sales

I’ve been using Bloom as my primary email opt-in tool for more than 3 months now. And It literally helped me boom up the sales.

It comes with 5+ opt-in types that fit different locations with different configurations, that are categorized in dozens of already designed templates, but still customizable.

  • Opt-in Pop-ups
  • Opt-in Fly-ins
  • Inline Opt-in forms
  • Below Content Opt-in forms
  • Widget Area Opt-in forms
  • Require Opt-in to Unlock Content

… and all of them are automatically triggerable.

Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin

Bloom gives you the complete ability to trigger any of the Opt-in respecting the Time Delays, Bottom of Post, After Scrolling, After Commenting, After Purchasing, After Inactivity, and more…

We all know that there are many similar products available, but trustworthy are few.

Bloom alternatives you can rely on.

  • Optinmonster: Almost similar to Bloom, owned by Syed Balkhi of
  • GetSiteControl: One that you can rely on for the integration of Chat Widget, Shooting Surveys, Social Sharing & Follow Widgets, and Contact Widgets.

… Ah! wait. I just forgot to mention something that automates the whole lead generation process.

All three Opt-in tools come with the support of Industry leading Email Marketing Integration, as some of ’em are listed below.

… and that’s all. I’ve talked about the plugins & tools that I used to increase traffic to my blog, it’s your call to go for the same.

I hope you liked this article, and if you did, please help us by share this piece of info through your social profiles to let your loved ones know about the tools mentioned above.

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