How to Install WordPress Plugin – Beginner’s Guide

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WordPress Plugins used to extend the functionality of our WP Blog. Installing WP Plugin is pretty simple and very similar to the process of Installing WP Themes. As I’ve already published a complete guide on “How to Install WordPress Themes”. And today I’m going to show you, “How you can Install WordPress Plugin”. So, there are 3 different methods to Install WP Plugin.

  1. Install a plugin through Dashboard by Searching and Install.
  2. Install by Uploading Plugin in .zip format.
  3. Install with the help of a File Manager.

Typically we use FTP Software, FileZilla as a File Manager but if you don’t have an FTP account or whatever the reason is, you can also use File Manager offered by your Web Hosting’s cPanel. In this Beginner’s guide, I’m gonna cover up both methods to Install WordPress Plugin. Before moving on, I want you to read other guides to dive deeply in WordPress.

Download WordPress Plugins for free from WP repository or you can get from other sites.

Make sure that the Plugins you’re going to Install is packed in .ZIP file. Because WordPress is developed to accept only .zip format to Install them. But the Good News is that almost all the developers pack their plugin in .zip format file.

Install WordPress Plugin through Dashboard:

As an EXAMPLE I’m going to Install a Best Plugin for SEO by Searching through my Dashboard. The only thing you need to do is just Follow me Step-on-Step. Okay, to Install a plugin, at first you need to:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New.


Once the Page is loaded correctly. You’ll see a Search box to search the best plugin to Install, click on the search Input box, enter the name or keyword relevant to the plugin you want to install and PRESS ENTER. As shown below:

Search Best WordPress Plugin to Install WordPress Plugin

As you’ll press enter you’ll some suggested plugins relevant to the keyword you’ve searched for. To install one of those plugins, you need to Click on Install Now button. As you can see below:

Search Result and Click Install to Install WordPress Plugin

And that’s all once you clicked to Install WordPress Plugin, it’ll take few seconds to install completely. Once the Installation is completed, you’ll see a Success Notice of installation of the plugin. As shown below:

Success Notice of Complete Installation of Plugin

That Success Notice also let you Activate it directly from here or you can return to Plugin Installer. So, we’ve installed a Plugin successfully.

I’m gonna show you to Install WordPress Plugin by Uploading a plugin downloaded in .ZIP format.

Upload to Install WordPress Plugin:

You remember, when we were Installing WordPress Theme by uploading a .ZIP file. That’s what we’re going to repeat here. First, we need a plugin in .zip format and we’ll upload it. What you need to do is:

  • Go to Plugins > Add New.


and then:

  1. Click on Upload, as you can see below in the screenshot.
  2. Click on Browse to Upload the .ZIP plugin file.
  3. Click on Install Now button to start the installation of Plugin.



Once the Installation of the plugin is completed, you’ll get a notice saying success installation of the plugin. As we’ve shown you in one of the above images. So, we’ve installed a plugin by uploading a .zip format file.

At last, I’m gonna show you to Install WordPress Plugin by uploading plugin files to your Host server with the help of FTP Software.

Install WordPress Plugin by FTP:

I don’t recommend you to Install WordPress Plugin by FTP because it might show you some critical errors in your WP dashboard (I’ve faced those errors). But can choose to Install a plugin by FTP when you’ve restriction from your Web Hosting provider to install that particular plugin. As Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is restricted to install many plugins. I don’t guarantee that uploading files through FTP will install the Plugin. It may fail to install if hosting provider’s Algos. is smart enough to detect those restricted plugins. Okay, what you need to Install WordPress Plugin by FTP is:

  1. An FTP Account.
  2. FTP Software like FileZilla for Windows and Cyberduck for MAC.
  3. Unzip or Extract the .Zip file into a Folder.

At first, we’re going to Extract our plugin files out of ZIP archive, to do so Right Click on Zip file and Click on Extract here. As shown below:


Okay, we’ve unzipped the archive.

Now open the FTP software and login to your FTP account associated with your WordPress Blog. Once you logged in, now you’ll have access to all the files on your blog. What you need to do is:

  1. Open the wp-content Directory.
  2. Open the Plugins Directory.


Open plugins directory to Install WordPress Plugin

So, we’re in the plugins directory. Now we need to upload the plugins files onto our Host server. To do so, you remember we’ve extracted files from the plugin ZIP into the folder. Do as shown below in the image:


And that’s all, we’ve uploaded and Installed our WordPress Plugin successfully. Now you can activate the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins.

I hope this Guide helped you a lot to Install WordPress Plugin. If it helped you then please consider it to Share on Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Have a Good Day and Take Care.

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