How to Install WordPress Theme – Beginner’s Guide

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Installing a WordPress Theme is not that hard but it might be an unknown task to the Beginners. So today, I’m going to provide you a Beginners Complete Guide to Install WordPress Theme. There are 2 methods to Install a theme. 1st one is Installing a Theme from our Dashboard and the 2nd one is using an FTP software like FileZilla. You can also use File Manager of your Web Hosting cPanel (if you don’t have FTP account or its Credentials). But I always recommend installing a theme through the Dashboard. Because Installation of some theme fails, when you’re trying to Install it using FTP or File Manager. But I’ll show you How you can Install WordPress Theme by both of those ways. Before moving ahead, I want you to read our other articles to get started with WordPress.

You can download WP themes from WordPress repository for free.

Before we move ahead, let me tell you that usually the WP Themes are packed in .zip format by their developer. And, if you’re going to install a theme by uploading through your dashboard then make sure that its format is .zip, any other format will be rejected.

How Easy is it for Beginners to Install WordPress Theme:

Let’s get to install a WP Theme. At first, I’m going to show you to install a theme by searching a best WordPress Theme direct through your WP dashboard. Nothing to do that much, just log in to your Self Hosted WordPress Dashboard. And then go to:-

  1. Appearance > Themes, once themes page is loaded then,
  2. Click on Add New.


Once the page is loaded to Add New WP Theme to your Blog. You’ll see a screen to search and Install WordPress Theme, start searching by name or suggestion by using Search filters. As shown below:

Search Your Best WordPress Theme

Okay, you’ve found the best theme for your needs to use on Blog, Click on Install button to Install that WordPress Theme. Once Installation is finished you’ll get a notice of Successful Installation of theme with some handy shortcuts. Using them either you can take a look at the Live Preview of that theme, you can Activate it or you can return to the Theme Installer. As shown below:

Successful Installation and Activation of WordPress Theme

Install WordPress Theme by Uploading a Theme in .ZIP Format:

WordPress provides you with the facility to Install a theme by Uploading also, but only in .ZIP format. And as I’ve already told you that all the WP Developers offers their themes in .zip format. So, No need to worry about that. This is simple to install a theme by this method, you just need to upload an already downloaded .ZIP file and Click to Install it.

As we’ve done to Install WordPress Theme by Searching. We need to go at the point, where we Clicked on Add New

  • You’ve covered till this, Appearance > Add New.


And then:

  1. Click on Upload Theme.
  2. Browse and Upload your Theme in .ZIP format
  3. Click Install Now to start the Back-End process of Installation of Theme.


Once your Theme is Installed, again you’ll see a Success Notice of Installation of the theme. And that’s all, We’ve installed a WordPress theme by uploading a .zip format theme.

Install WordPress Theme using FTP:

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a Standard Network Protocol, which is used to transfer computer files between a client and server. To transfer files over this network protocol you must have an FTP account. You need to ask your Web Hosting Support or create an FTP account through your cPanel.

We’ll use an FTP Software to transfer all the files of theme called FileZilla for Windows and CyberDuck for Mac. But, I’ll show you to Install WordPress Theme using FTP Software FileZilla for Windows PC only.

Before playing with the software, we need to Extract all the Files of .ZIP theme file in a folder. To do so:

  1. Right click on the .ZIP file to open the context menu.
  2. Click on Extract to file-name\.


So, we’ve extracted all the files in a folder of an exact same name. It’s time to play with FTP software.

Login to your FTP Account using FTP Software:

Everything starts after logging in to your account. So login to your FTP account by providing Host, Username, Password, and Port to FTP software. You get your Host & Port while creating FTP account and Username & Password is all yours. Still, you face any problem in logging into your account, feel free to ask via comment or contact your Web Hosting Support.

Once you login to your account (associated with your WordPress Blog) in your FTP software then:

  1. Open the wp-content folder.
  2. Open the plugins folder.
  3. Right Click on folder we’ve created by Extraction of .zip file and then Click on Upload.
  4. Login to Your WordPress Dashboard and,
  5. Go to Appearance > Themes, you’ll see that your uploaded theme is listed there.



Folder-of-Theme Uploading-Via-FTP-Software


So, we were trying to Install WordPress Theme by different methods and we installed successfully. I hope this Complete Guide helped you a lot in Installing a WP Theme first time.

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Have a Good Day and Take Care.

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