How to Make WordPress Blog on Bluehost in 5 Minutes: Guide Crafted for Beginners

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WordPress officially recommends Bluehost to host your WordPress blog on. So let’s get to know, how to make WordPress Blog on Bluehost WordPress Hosting.

Bluehost, one of the best web hosting around for hosting WordPress Blog. As already told, the organization WordPress itself recommends starting your journey with Bluehost.

Make WordPress Blog on Bluehost Web Hosting

As it gives the best performance over WP Blogs and comes with everything Unlimited;

  • Load things up, get Unlimited Space
  • Use Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Build Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Parked and Sub-domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Email Storage also Unlimited

and a lot more.

Sign Up for Bluehost, use this link to get some extra freebies;

  • Free Domain
  • Free $200 to spend on Google Adwords.

Bluehost is one of the most reliable, cheap web hosting, and WP recommended hosting.

WordPress Blog on Bluehost: Step-by-step Complete WP Installation Guide

There are many ways to Install WordPress, but today I’m gonna show you the easiest way to Install WordPress Blog on Bluehost. So you can start installing WP Blog with a single click by going through the cPanel of Bluehost. And It’d hardly take your 5 minutes.

Have you got the access to your hosting cPanel? Let’s get to Install WordPress Blog on Bluehost without any further delay.

Look for Install WordPress button in Website Section in cPanel

Install WordPress under Website Section in Bluehost cPanel

Your very 1st step is to log in the cPanel and click on the Install WordPress button as you can see in the image above.

And yeah, Bluehost WordPress marketplace is extended by MOJO. Using Marketplace you can install WordPress to the root of the domain or its subdirectory with almost full freedom. And look for optimized premium themes and plugins for the good of your WP Blog or website.

So once you clicked that button, you’ll have a screen like the one integrated below.

Select Domain Name while Installing WordPress on Bluehost

At first from the drop-down (says Domain), select the domain you want to Install WordPress on.

And enter the directory name in the next field if you don’t want to Install WordPress to the root of the domain.

Else, leave the Directory field empty if you want the Installation to be done at the root of the domain and Click Next.

Root is simply the home of a domain as might have noticed the homepage of a website, as you can look at the examples below. (Root Domain) (Sub-directory)

In case of HowToCracker Installation, it’s installed at; (Root Domain)

So it’s over to you guys whether you want to Install WordPress Blog to the root of the domain or any sub-directory. Let’s get to the next step.

Enter the WP Admin Details, and All Done

Enter Site Title, Username, Mail and Password while Installing WordPress on Bluehost

In this step, you’ll have to enter the details you want your WordPress Blog to be known as. Also the login details for the /wp-admin (WordPress Dashboard or WP Admin Panel).

Don’t forget to note down the login details to access the WP admin panel later.

  • Enter the Name of the Blog/Site
  • Admin Username
  • Admin Email Address
  • Admin Password

Make sure that you’ve checked all three boxes, as you can see in the image above, and Click Next.

Now you gonna have a screen showing that Installation is ongoing in the backend and a message WordPress is Installing on top, as showing in the image below.

WordPress Installation Ongoing on Bluehost

Once the WP Blog Installation is done, you’ll have the greenish tick and message saying Installation Complete.

If you haven’t penned down the login credentials to the admin panel in the last step while entering the details. Then you can view them by clicking on the here link in front of view credentials, as you can see in the image below.

WordPress Installation Successful on Bluehost

In case you didn’t note down the login details and clicked the link to show login credentials. Then you gonna have a screen similar to the one below.

See Login Credentials after WordPress Installation on Bluehost
Clicking this image will lead you to the MOJO Marketplace to make a choice of Best WordPress Theme…

Installation of WordPress Blog on Bluehost is Done, What Next? 🙄

As suggested in the image above that your Next Step is to get a WordPress Theme and Plugins. But the main question is that what theme and plugins you should go for?.

If you’d have asked me then I’d like you to go for the themes already SEO Optimized, in this order:

  1. SEO Optimized StudioPress Themes based on Genesis Framework.
  2. Divi by Elegant Themes, a Drag & Drop Visual page builder.
  3. MOJO Marketplace to look for Best WordPress Theme from well-categorized thousands of themes.

And once you’ve got the theme, time to look for the plugins you need to rocket-up your WordPress Blog.

Browse through the links mentioned below;

And once you’re done with the theme and plugins it’s time to set things up for the good.

If you still have any question/query, please do let me know via the comments section below and I’ll try to answer all of them ASAP.

And If it really helped you, don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and…

Bluehost- Best Web Hosting

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