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Are you still looking for the Best Recurring Affiliate Program? I recommend you to opt-in for SEMrush Affiliate Program. To do so you just need to head over to, that’s the official affiliate partnership website for SEMrush.

You know that SEMrush itself is the most powerful SEO tool. So the affiliate program offered is more catchy than any other out there on the web, Yes it’s recurring.

Affiliate Program of SEMrush has not hosted on its own domain like others, It’s kinda weird but it’s not.

BeRush Affiliate Program for SEMrush

BeRush Affiliate Program is actually the affiliate portal for SEMrush only. Your BeRush account gets credited for every SEMrush subscription made by going through your affiliate link.

Get to Know SEMrush Affiliate Program

Well, the access to your affiliate account gets you the chance to make thousands of dollars per month. Get everything you look for in an affiliate program, from a decent commission to the best in class promo material.

Offer a FREE SEMrush Trial ๐Ÿ˜‰

It will help you send the quality leads to SEMrush. Big number of them will end up subscribed to Premium SEMrush services, and so eventually your commission will also increase.

Maybe this Infographic image can convince you which is explaining the most noteworthy features/advantages of SEMrush Affiliate Program.

If I say in even more simple words then I put together everything that an affiliate marketer certainly looking for before affiliating with any brand or company.

SEMrush Affiliate Program- Infographics

Let’s get to know how the SEMrush affiliate program works and what exactly you get.

  • Recurring Affiliate Model: You get the affiliate commission on every invoice your referral pay for.
  • 40% Affiliate Commission: Earn 40% commission for every SEMrush subscription you refer, and it goes on.
    As I mentioned above, you’ll receive the commission every time they pay.
  • $100 Contest: You get a chance to WIN $100, as BeRush opens this contest every month and asks its affiliates to create content on a specific topic.
    Content can be in the form of Blog Posts, Videos, E-book, and Podcasts.
  • Payments Twice a Month: Receive commission twice a month on 10th and 25th of the month, upon reaching the minimum threshold amount.
    There are two payout methods they offer PayPal and Wire Transfer, the threshold amount for PayPal is $50 and for Wire Transfer, it’s $1000.
  • Promotional Material: BeRush provides you the promo banners in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.
    And above all, the widgets that I love even more and excited about that increase the chance of a sale by more than 40%. Which can be integrated using Script code in any page.
  • Cookie Life: 10 Years, almost never expiring ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to Join or Be a Part of SEMrush Affiliate Program?

Yay! that’s the question I’ve been waiting for. It’s very simple to join the program like real quick due to the pre-approval of all the affiliate applications.

Let me show you everything step-by-step, follow along to join now.

You'll never have a chance to Earn this much ๐Ÿ™‚

40% Recurring Commission + WIN $100 Every Month.

What you need to do is that just visit BeRush.comย and click on the Join Now button to proceed shown on the home page.

Now you gonna have a screen to input your Email address and Password to create a brand new SEMrush affiliate account, as shown below.

Join SEMrush Affiliate Program Now

If you’ve got a successful registration message on clicking the Join Now button, seems like you’re almost done. Just activate the account to become a part of SEMrush affiliate program by clicking the link in the email sent on your email address.

Seems like you’re logged in, now fill up the asked general required info and save changes.

Got Access to Everything in SEMrush Affiliate Program ๐Ÿ˜‰

Since you’ve access to almost everything that SEMrush has to offer its affiliates. Let’s dive in and check how you can make use of them to make more money.

I’m gonna tell you a bit about the $100 Contest and Promo Materials you have on-board.

Your Chance to WIN $100 Every Month

Well, this is a contest hosted by BeRush where you need to promote the SEMrush in different ways possible.

Likewise any contest, they provide you the Instruction and Theme/Topic to create content around. Which I think is not a big deal as long as you’re creative enough.

As for June, the theme was the SEMrush affiliate program. And the article you’re reading right now is submitted as a contest entry to BeRush.

For more info, you can check this WIN $100 Contest page.

SEMrush Promo Banners

Accessible by going through the Promo Materials link in the menu on topย beside the BeRush logo.

You can choose any size, color, and language to promote SEMrush on your blog or social media profile. Seems like you love this as much as I do ๐Ÿ™‚

SEMrush Promo Banners

SEMrush Promo Widgets

These are the same widgets you see embedded at the start and end of my blog post template. Similarly, you can also create and embed widgets in your blog posts to send more users to SEMrush.

SEMrush Promo Widgets

You can choose between three Colors and the Search Engine Database to pull data from, I hope you find it useful.

So there’s a good chance that you generate a handsome affiliate commission every month. Join the SEMrush affiliate program and start making money right now, there’s no manual approval.

You'll never have a chance to Earn this much ๐Ÿ™‚

40% Recurring Commission + WIN $100 Every Month.

Be Kind to One Another.


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