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SEO is one of the most important tasks to do to make a good position on WEB. It takes a lot of efforts and time. But I’ve found a SEOftware (Software) which is SEO PowerSuite. It’ll save a lot of your time and I’m sure that using this you’ll be ranking good in all the major Search Engines. SEO PowerSuite is the powerful weapon and All in One SEO Kit for Bloggers and SEOer – Internet Marketing Agencies.

SEO PowerSuite

Do you know Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Intel, IBM, HP, Audi, Toshiba, Cisco and many others grew their Business with SEO PowerSuite.


If you want Success in your Online Business, I Highly Recommend you to go for SEO PowerSuite. I Promise you that You’ll Never Regret.

You know very well that how much important is it to find the profitable Keywords for your content. Keywords are playing a major role in the SEO of your Blog-site. Not only Keywords, also it’s important to well configure and maintain many more things like Robots.txt file, Sitemaps, Links, Optimization of content, and many errors. At that time, only 1 thing comes in handy is SEO PowerSuite. It comes with the 4 top-notch SEO tools are:

  1. Website Auditor: Site Auditing and On Page-Off Page Optimization
  2. Rank Tracker: Keyword Research and Rank Monitoring
  3. SEO SpyGlass: Backlink Research and Auditing
  4. LinkAssistant: Link Building and Management

SEO PowerSuite tools to Rank High in SERPs

All features are useful that comes within PowerSuite. But, I’m going to give you an OVERVIEW. So you can focus on what to do at first with all the tools offered by SEO PowerSuite. And I’m sure that once you start playing with the database of SEO PowerSuite, you’ll be ranking better than best in all the major Search Engines there.

Note:- I recommend you to play with all the features offered by SEO PowerSuite, but according to yourself. Make sure what you’re doing is good for the Health of your Blog-site.

Website Auditor: Fix all Technical Issues

For ranking high our blog-site should be well configured in every way. So, find and remove the bad practices, issue, and errors that are holding your Ranking back. Before you can fix them up or stop them from becoming a big SEO problem, you need to spot or find them.

Here Website Auditor comes into action.

Here’s how you can find and fix them:

  1. Scan or Audit your Blog-site
  2. Check Crawl-ability
  3. Review Redirects
  4. Correct your Code
  5. Fix URLs and Links
  6. Inspect HTML Tags

Run Website Auditor and follow the wizard’s instructions and it’ll find all the problems in your blog-site. Check or review them.

Content and Page Optimization:

Suggestion by Website Auditor of SEO PowerSuite

I’ve already told you that keywords playing a major role in the SEO. So, optimize your content and pages with keywords you’ve selected with most profitability.

  1. Analyze Pages
  2. Compose your title
  3. Work on Meta Description
  4. Create Killer Content
  5. Deal with Images
  6. Double Check the Tech errors
  7. Show it to the World

and a lot more.

Rank Tracker: Find Most Profitable Keyword

That’s very clear if your business depends on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for traffic and sales. Then it’s very important for you to find some profitable keywords. And, keep your blog-site ranking high for those keywords in SEs.

Rank Tracker of SEO PowerSuite

Here’s how the process of finding profitable keywords goes:

  1. Pick Seed Keywords
  2. Get Suggestions
  3. Expand your list
  4. Estimate Efficiency
  5. Calculate Difficulty

Start by setting up your first project, run Rank Tracker and follow the wizard’s instruction. Switch to Keyword Research work-space and start playing or finding keywords.

Monitor Search Engine Ranking:

You’ve done with Keywords Research. Now, run Rank Tracker and start tracking the progress you make over time.

  1. Choose Search Engines
  2. Set Target Location
  3. Enable Universal Search
  4. Pick Landing Pages
  5. Specify Competitors
  6. Adjust the Preferences
  7. Track!

and a lot more you can do with Rank Tracker.


Backlinks Auditing with SEO SpyGlass by SEO PowerSuite:

Backlinks are 1 of the most important factors to rank in Search Engines. We’ll be discovering all the links to our blog-site and get rid of those links, what are hurting our blog site health.

SEO SpyGlass of SEO PowerSuite

Backlinks SEO SpyGlass of SEO PowerSuite

Here’s how to start cleaning and building a Fresh list of links (Backlinks):

  1. Find all Links to your Site
  2. Assess your Backlink profile
  3. Compare it to Competitors
  4. Calculate Penalty Risk
  5. Check Suspicious Manually
  6. Get Rid of Dangerous Links

Start cleaning right away with SEO SpyGlass of SEO PowerSuite. I’m sure that if you’ll be doing that all in a right way, No-one can compete for your rank in SEs.

Build Quality Links with LinkAssistant:

As I’ve already told you that Backlinks are very important, so you should start link building right away with  LinkAssistant of SEO PowerSuite.

Link Building-LinkAssistant of SEO PowerSuite

I’m telling you that how the process will be going on.

  1. Pick Link Prospecting Tactics
  2. Find Quality Link Opportunities
  3. Reach out to Prospects
  4. Manage your Links and Relationships


Researching Link opportunities is really hard, but with LinkAssistant you can do that very easily. Even I’d say that SEO is really Hard and kinda boring thing if you’re not already in it, but SEO PowerSuite really makes it enjoyable and easy to perform.

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SEO PowerSuite

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