How to Set Up FeedBurner for WordPress Blog

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If you’re a Newbie in Blogging or in the world of Publishing, then you might not know that Burning your Blog Feed with FeedBurner can help you a lot in Blogging or to make an effective Web Presence. And you also don’t know how to Set it up, don’t worry I’m gonna show you everything step-by-step.

After Owning, Google made FeedBurner completely FREE. So, I Recommend you to Set it up right away and start getting Free Email Subscribers.

Yaa you heard it right, using FeedBurner you can gain more Email Subscriber without signing up for any Premium Email Marketing App like MailChimp, Aweber, Converting Kit, etc…

Okay By now, after reading Title of this Post you might be thinking that the Article is only written to Set up FeedBurner for WordPress. But, the method for Blogger is as same as for WordPress. Again I’ll say that you don’t have to worry.

Steps to Set Up FeedBurner RSS Feed:

So I’m gonna show you exactly with Screenshots, just follow the Steps I’m performing-

Please Note:- Make sure that you’ve Replaced with your actual domain name or Blog address.

  1. Open Google FeedBurner and Sign in using your Google Account (Gmail), once you’re logged in. On the first page you’ll see an option to enter/type your Blog URL, type your blog URL in the input box, as shown in the image below:
    Burn a Feed Right this Instant to Setup FeedBurner
    WordPress User Tip:-Instead of typing the Blog URL, I recommend you to type as , because It’s the default Feed URL for any WordPress Blog. As shown in the Image below:
    Burn a Feed to Setup FeedBurner
  2. Only follow If you’ve not used the Tip given above:- Now you should see the Identify Feed Source page, for WordPress Blog you’ll be served with two Feed URL. First, one of the Blog Posts and another of Blog Comments, don’t touch anything there just Click Next.
    Identify Feed Source to Setup FeedBurner
  3. On the next screen, you need to give the Name and Feed Address (URL) for your Blog Feed. I would recommend you to keep it same as your Brand Name, and for a Micro-Niche Blog-site, you can place 1-2 keywords in the Title of Feed. Modifying the Blog Feed Name and Address is good and will help you in marketing. Once done, click Next-
  4. In this screen, you’ll be presented with a Congrats message saying that your Feed is ready.

Done with FeedBurner Setting Up Process

As shown in the image above, there is a written Note there. Which states that if you want a more Detailed Analytics of your Blog Feed then you may Activate it Step 2 by going through Next Step, or else you can Skip directly to the Feed Management settings.

There is so much to Optimize your Blog Feed in Feed Management Settings but I’ll cover in upcoming articles.

So you’ve successfully created a FeedBurner RSS Feed for your blog. Now what?

Redirection of Default WordPress Feed to FeedBurner Feed:

Because you’ve set up a Feed with a brand New URL and Title for your Blog then it’s Important to redirect all your blog feeds to FB Blog Feed. To do so, all you need to do is Install any FeedBurner Management Plugin for WordPress like FD FeedBurner Plugin (My Recommendation) and redirect all your WP Blog default feeds. Redirection with plugins is simple and easy to configure, once done, will automatically take care of all the feeds redirection.

Redirection of Default Blogger Feed to FeedBurner Feed:

Redirecting a default Blogger Feed to FeedBurner Feed is pretty Simple. Just log in to your Blogger Blog profile and:-

  • Copy the FeedBurner Feed URL
    Blogger Feed Redirection
  • Settings > Other (as shown in the image below)
  • Find Post Feed Redirect URL in Site Feed section and Paste the Copied Feed URL, don’t forget to save the settings.

Blogger Redirection

That’s all Everything up.

You can start getting Email Subscribers. As FeedBurner is Free, it’s Best at all but in Comparison, to some paid Email Marketing Tools it’s missing a lot.

Have a Good Day and take Care.

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  1. Hi there Akshar,

    While scrolling down your blog, I saw this post about feedburner and reminded me a comment at my blog that said “can you send me your RSS feed”, at that time I wasn’t fully aware of RSS FeedBurner.

    Thanks to you, I finally created it for my blog with no problem. Many, many thanks to you.

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Clay.

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