How to Submit Blog Sitemap to Google Search Console

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A sitemap is an XML file (file format can be different if you wish), which contains links to all the web pages and attachments of a Web Blog. Typically we generate it for Search Engine Crawlers and Better results in our SEO.

When you create a Web Blog to share anything, you want people to see it but how people can see or get benefit out of your Web Blog until they have not found it. So to make it happen that people can find your Web Blog while searching their queries in Search Engines.

In this situation, a Sitemap file helps you to let Search Engines know about your Web Blog (like Hey! Search Engine I’ve just created a Web Blog and I want you to Index and Serve it in your results). Then, Search Engine sends Crawler or Spider to your Web Blog to Crawl and Analyze to Index it in Relevant Queries. And that’s how it helps in SEO at very High.


Steps to Submit a Sitemap to Google :

The process of Submitting a Sitemap file to Google is very Simple but you need to make sure that its Format is XML. Yaa, that’s what you heard. I don’t know about other File Formats but once I’ve tried to Submit my Sitemap in HTML format and Google rejected mine by showing a file format error. So I recommend you to create an XML Sitemap for the Submission to Google. If you’re a WordPress user, I hope you’re using WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin (Recommended) for SEO and if you’re not using Yoast SEO plugin or you hold a Simple HTML website then you can create, download an XML Sitemap and then upload it to your domain’s root directory.

Go to your Dashboard of Google Webmaster Account :

Once you log in and go to your Google Search Console’s Property (Website) Dashboard. You’ll see a screen like showing below:-

There are 3 open sections saying Crawl Errors, Search Analytics and Sitemaps and many more options available in the Left side of your Dashboard for the better results in SEO but today we’re just talking about the Submission of Sitemap File. You can Submit more than One Sitemap, to do so, follow the steps:-

  • And to do so, you can click on Sitemaps (Last one of the 3 open sections available on your dashboard) or you can go by clicking on Sitemaps under Crawl in Left side of your dashboard, you need to click on that Arrow sign or Crawl. Clicking that arrow will drop a menu and there you’ll find Sitemaps, open it.
  • Once your page is loaded click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button and enter the Name of your sitemap file with Extension (XML). Then click on Submit button. Once Submission of Sitemap is complete it’ll automatically send a request to Crawler (Hey! I’ve submitted a sitemap, Crawl and Index it) it’ll ask you to Refresh the page, Refresh it.



  • And that’s all, once you refreshed the page you’ll see your submitted Sitemaps and once Crawler will come to your Web Blog, all your links to web pages or anything will be Indexed (Make sure anyone of the mentioned link in that file is not blocked by Robots.txt File). As shown above ^.

So, you’ve just submitted a Sitemap to Google Search Console. It means your request for Submission has been sent to Search Engine Crawlers, once they will be free from Crawling other Web Blog. It’ll come to your Web Blog to Crawl and Index your Web Blog linked web pages and attachments.

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