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Have you ever wondered how do professional marketers get so many leads and convert a high percentage of them? They create landing pages and send their users to those Landing Pages optimized for High Conversion Rate.

You might have heard about landing pages but either they didn’t work out or you didn’t opt for them. Maybe because you don’t know how to design, code, and optimize them.

Landing Pages can help you increase the conversion rate by 33% as researched and mentioned in Neil Patel’s brief guide to Landing Page.

Well, I’m here to help you with that. Today I’m gonna discuss the tools that you can use to create landing pages in minutes. Yes, you can create high converting landing pages without getting your hands dirty in codes or spending much money on hiring developers.

Tools to Create Landing Pages

Here are the 5 tools you can use to quickly create pixel-perfect landing pages to Increase Conversions and so the revenue. And you don’t even need to know any programming language.

Create Landing Pages that are Scientifically Pre-Designed 😉

Yes, the tools I’m gonna discuss below offers 100’s of pre-designed landing page templates.

Which are designed to sell the products of different types (ex. generating leads and converting sales), and so you can choose the template accordingly. Edit them for your need with their inbuilt landing page editor. As I just said that they offer amazing and easy to use editor so you don’t need to know web programming language.

And, let me add that all of the tools listed below creates mobile responsive landing pages and works with WordPress.

Landing Pages Optimized for High Conversion Rate

Let’s check out the tools, features they offer, and the way they can help increase your conversion rate.

1. Leadpages: 1st Choice among the Bloggers and Marketers

With Leadpages it doesn’t matter how big or small blog/website you run, what matter is that you must have the potential to grow intense. As they offer a lot for a very positive pricing that almost every blogger and marketer can go for.

Choose from 200+ landing page designs, preview and edit it in their easy to use Drag-and-Drop page builder that makes it easy to create landing pages in minutes.

As you can see in the screenshot below.

Leadpages Darg and Drop Landing page Editor

I hope you loved the editor too, it lets you add and edit any widget, block, text, and almost every web-page element.

Besides that, Leadpages has 2 amazingly awesome futuristic sub-tools for you as a marketer. I really think that you should give them a try at least once by signing up for a Free Account.

  • Leadlinks: It makes joining the lists or opting for the webinar even easier. Simply copy and paste a leadlink into your email campaign or wherever you want, and users you’re targeting can now join your lists Instantly by clicking that leadlink.
  • Leaddigits: When you create a new leaddigit, basically you need to set up a Leaddigit Number, a Unique Identifier, and a custom opt-in instructions message. Now If someone text that Unique Identifier on Leaddigit Number, he’ll receive that custom instructions message to process as asked. This way you can ask for users Email Address to signup for your lists.

    Create New Leaddigit
    Courtesy of Leadpages

As being one of the most famous landing page builders it has got a lot more to offer. Let’s have a look:

  • It looks like Leadpages doesn’t believe in numbers. As Leadpages lets you Create Unlimited Landing Pages & Leadboxes Popup Forms, Connect Unlimited Domains, and get Unlimited Traffic.
  • A built-in Payment system.
  • Supports the integration with most advertising and marketing platforms like Adwords, Zapier, Mailchimp, Stripe, Paypal, and more.
  • Automatically send out the Digital Assets via email when someone joins your email list.
  • Perform A/B Testing or Setup Sub-accounts for clients.
  • Advanced tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels.

and a lot more.

per month

Unlimited Traffic & Leads

Unlimited Landing Pages

Integrate 40+ Tools & Platform

Standard + PRO + Advanced
per month

Phone Support


Leaddigits Texts

Advanced Integrations

Wanna Try Leadpages For FREE?

Now you can sign up for their 14 Days Free Trial to look-in what they offer.

2. Instapage: Create Pixel-Perfect Landing Pages

Page builder that let you create landing pages for the today and the future. You know Google has pushed the AMP in search results. So in order to rank well in SERP, we need to comply that. And Instapage is the only tool in this list that let you Create AMP Landing Pages.

Instapage let you choose from 190+ landing page design templates and what I love is that they’re mostly designed with vibrant material colors. As you can see in the screenshot below.

Instapage landing Pages Templates

Landing pages created with Instapage supports to be connected with the most popular CRMs, Marketing Automation Platforms, and Analytics Tools. You’ll be able to perform A/B testing as well.

Most noteworthy and Hot feature is Heatmaps that provides the detailed insight of users interaction to better understand your audience.

Instapage drives the mobile responsive landing pages that are really performance optimized by dual cloud server by Amazon and Google both.

Which can be edited within the inbuilt Visual Editor. As you can see in the screenshot below that you’ll be able to add additional widgets like Countdown Timer, Video, and Chat Plugins with scripts.

Instapage Landing Page Visual Editor

Did I mention there are features even more than Leadpages? But it’s more costly than Leadpages, as Instapage is built for Teams that drive results in real. Let’s check what else Instapage offer:

  • Stock Image Library
  • Multi-step forms (complex forms into multiple steps)
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Parallax Scrolling (Modern and Advanced design features)
  • Digital Assets Library to pay off for my joining the lists, etc.
  • Exit Intent Popups

and a lot more.

Leadpages offers 3 plans for needs accordingly, and the pricing goes something like this:

  • $69/month for Core Plan
  • $99/month for Optimizer Plan
  • $179/month for Advanced Plan

Try Instapage for Free.

Good News! Yes you can try Instapage completely Free for 14 Days.

3. ClickFunnels: That Converts Leads into Money

As its name suggests, It’s nothing other than a superpower that let you Capture the Leads and Increase Conversion Rate by making instant sales.

Using ClickFunnels not only you can design the Landing Pages but also the Funnels that convert.

Click Funnels has a big bucket of resources filled with hacks to succeed in email marketing, affiliate marketing, building new marketing businesses and a lot more. You can use and take benefit of all those marketing hacks by creating a ClickFunnels account.

It has a variety of pre-made funnels and landing pages to choose from, all according to the user needs. Once you chose one, now it redirects you to the Funnel Management Panel as shown below.

ClickFunnels Checklist and Steps Editor

You can edit/customize any step of the funnel by clicking on the Customize Template button. Which redirects you to the Landing Page Editor that looks like similar to the one shown below.

Where you can add and edit any web element according to your likes. Also, you can add widgets like Countdown Timer, and more.

And, I experienced that the editor offered by ClickFunnels is quite different than any other editor in this list.

ClickFunnels Landing Page Editor

ClickFunnels is my go-to tool to create landing pages and sales funnels. As it offers almost everything that a blogger and marketer need in his toolbox.

Worrying about the follow-up emails, delivering digital assets, or anything that matters? Don’t worry ClickFunnels has covered you.

Capture Leads and Increase Your Conversion Rate as well.

Yes, that's correct. Opt-in for their FREE 14 Days Trial and find out how you can do so.

4. Unbounce: Cross the Limits.

A perfect tool to create landing pages by choosing from 100+ mobile responsive templates. And then you can target a specific traffic source (Social, Paid, or Organic) which will help you convert better.

Unbounce also comes with completely customizable Popups and Sticky Bars to let you without limitations. You can see the Popups and Sticky Bars template option beside Landing Pages templates.

So it’ll be fun to choose, edit and use them to capture and convert more leads.

Unbounce Landing Page Templates

You can also geo-target the popups and control the CTA trigger behavior.

When it comes to the Landing Page editor offered by Unbounce, pretty much similar to the Leadpages and ClickFunnels. But it comes with some internal tweaks and elements properties differentiation, as shown below.

Unbounce Landing Page Editor

In my opinion, it could be simpler than it’s now. As you can see the Element properties shown in the right pane of the panel, they could be floating over the elements when you edit. So you’ll have more space to interact with.

On top of all, what matters is that it’s still easy to navigate and use.

Give Unbounce A Try.

It has cool sub-tools like Sticky Bars and Geo target-able Popups.

5. Landingi: Landing Page Builder for Non-Programmers

Landingi has come up with a Landing Page Import and Export feature. Basically, it lets you export landing pages in .landingi format and you can import the same into other accounts. So you never lose your work.

It comes with 170+ landing page designs, and I think these designs are enough in numbers to perform A/B testing and check what works.

And the landing page editor offered by landingi is very much similar to Unbounce’s, as shown below. Which lets you create landing pages that are fully automated from the first click.

Landingi Landing Page Editor

Finding the perfect stock image for a landing page is much easier now, as landingi comes with their Image library to pick from. It lets you collaborate with your team by setting up sub-accounts for team members or clients with the flexibility of giving likewise privileges. You can add custom HTML/CSS/JS elements as well.

Talking about the performance and security, landingi optimize the media files and serve the page from AWS cloud hosting and performs Anti-spam checks.

It’s almost impossible to discuss all the features but I’ve listed mains that matters and will help you grow.

Wanna Create Landing Pages with Landingi?

They offer Free 14 Day access to test out the features and make a wise decision.

If you found this any helpful, please help me in sharing and spreading this on Social Media platforms. I’d really appreciate if you can share it on your social profile and ask your friends to share this post.

Be Kind to One Another.

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