What is Managed WordPress Hosting: Keys You Should Look Up-to

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Most of the WordPress beginner end up starting WordPress blog on Shared Hosting (mostly Bluehost). And shared Hosting provides enough resources for the beginners to start with. As they start with no traffic and users to judge their blog. Also, one of the major reason is that Shared Hosting is much cheaper than Managed WordPress Hosting or any other server type.

Once your site started getting traffic and growing, now you’ll need to upgrade.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Well, there are many hosting types available from top companies, you can run any type of websites (WordPress, Drupal, Static HTML & CSS, Website Builder ones, and…) over them. but common are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

and others… Managed WordPress Hosting is one of them which is fully optimized for all things WordPress. Let’s discuss what are the main ups and best-managed WordPress hosting providers we can look up to.

Reasons, why Managed WordPress Hosting is GOLD?

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed Hosting is optimized for running WordPress only. There are many Hosting companies who have specialized in WordPress and providing the best in the market, their support team takes care of all the hassle. Yeah, premium support is the real gold from the best-managed hosting providers. Their technical team is specialized in WordPress to help you out from any deeper.

Let’s look at the things I found in my research that makes a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting…

Security, Scalability, and Speed

Website security and the performance is something that matters the most to you, right? But thousands of hackers always looking for a hole to get into the sites they can. WordPress is an open-source application so obvious to have holes and on top of that, it’s quite famous so they tend to target the big audience.

Managed WordPress Hosting- Security, Scalability and SpeedAs I’ve already mentioned that the managed hosting providers know the structure of WordPress, the way WordPress is built. They know what it takes to keep a WP site secured from Hackers. Hosting providers keep monitoring and testing your site to keep it safe. And as soon as the development team finds any hole, they fix it as quickly as possible. With all that, you get protected from DDoS attacks, XSS, and SQL Injections.

Of course, you want your site to grow up, and for that, your hosting must perform blazingly fast. so managed WordPress hosting provider help you scale up every way possible. They host your WordPress Blog on the best hardware and changes them if needed, accordingly.

Loading Speed of your blog is also important in terms of SEO. Type of hosting doesn’t affect SEO but loading time matters. Having high loading time will make user close the tab, which will result in high bounce rate and no profit.

As a beginner, you might be using the different caching plugin to speed up your WP blog. But best-managed WordPress hosting providers offering Server level caching along-with CDN. Many good managed hosting provider employing multiple levels of caching, making your site much faster.

Premium Support & Free Migration

I already told you that the Support you get from most of the Managed WordPress Hosting providers is top-notch. Yeah, you get interacted with the specialized WP Experts, they’ll take over all the hassle relating your WP site, from simple update to the big one.

Not all the managed hosting providers offer Free site migration, but still many available there. Some of them are Kinsta, WPEngine, DreamHost, and Siteground.

Built-in Backup

Built-in Backup in Managed WordPress HostingAll suggest that make a backup of your WP blog before making changes.

As it may damage the complete installation and so the efforts you’ve put in will lost. But you know that making a backup of complete WordPress blog isn’t that easy. Either you’ll have to go for premium backup services like BackupBuddy or VaultPress or install a WP plugin like Updraft Plus. Now you’ll have to setup the plugin, which isn’t easy again but not impossible at least.

That’s where managed WordPress hosting helps you out. They take an automatic backup of your complete WordPress Blog every day, or you can make one manually at times.

Feel the Real Freedom of Managed WordPress Hosting

As I mentioned earlier in the article that the performance is important for both visitors and search engines.

I suggest you choose a managed hosting according to the website traffic you’ve. Because some of the managed WordPress Hosting providers cap the no. of visitors you can have on your website. And some may cap the bandwidth, which will create errors in communication between the user and server.

Choose wisely, according to the size of traffic you get on your site.

PHP Version Control

Well, talking about version control is actually quite interesting. A good fully managed WordPress hosting provider will give you the option to choose from the version of PHP you want to use.

It’s always great when you’ve got the option to choose that which version you should go for. PHP 7 has made the mark in speeding up the website because of it’s high performance. But in terms of stability, still, PHP 5.6 is the stable one.

So having PHP version control on hand will always help you at times.

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